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About Us

Welcome to our website. Our agency will give you a helping hand every step of the way on your health insurance journey.

Our objective is simple: To identify and help minimize our clients’ exposure to risk. We accomplish this with emphasis on quality coverage, competitive premiums, and overall simplification of insurance matters.

Our approach is direct: To analyze our clients’ complete insurance needs, design a responsible protection program, and recommend insurance that is a cost effective insurance strategy designed for your individual situation.

Why choose us?

Where you choose to purchase your insurance protection makes a difference. Two key reasons to choose us over others are:

  • our commitment to customer service and
  • our approach of helping you fit insurance coverage to your needs and not just buy a policy.

We are here to help with:

  • Affordable Care Act questions
  • Benefits explanations & inquiries
  • Billing questions & inquiries
  • COBRA questions
  • Customer service inquiries
  • Dependent eligibility inquiries
  • Eligibility questions
  • Enrollment assistance
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Formulary issues
  • Insurance carrier questions
  • Lost ID cards
  • Member advocacy
  • Prescription Drug benefits questions
  • Provider questions / look up
  • Qualifying event administration
  • Quotes Plan comparison and recommendation
  • Renewal support