Life Insurance Quotes at Your Fingertips

While the circumstances around why one would need Life Insurance are never pleasant to contemplate, ensuring that the head of the household purchases a policy equal to approximately ten times his or her average salary is considered vital to the security of the family.  Usually, the spouse of the head of household should have coverage of around five times his or her annual salary (if she has one) or five times the head of household’s salary if the spouse does not work.

When getting ready to purchase your life insurance policy, there are numerous companies competing for your business.  However, one of the many questions young adults, couples, or families encounter is whether to go with a large corporation with a headquarters and underwriters department hundreds of miles away, or to choose an agency that is Florida-based and trusted by friends and neighbors.

If the latter choice sounds more appealing, the Palm Beach Insurance Advisory Group is the company that you are looking for.  We offer Whole-Life, and Universal life insurance policies ranging in coverage from $50,000 to over $1,000,000.  The length of the term can range anywhere from five to thirty years.

We take pride in serving the Palm Beach County area.  Please call or stop by our offices for more information.